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Toca Freestyle 2 Series Mech Tuned Djembe 14" in Kente Cloth with Bag

Toca Freestyle 2 Series Mech Tuned Djembe 14" in Kente Cloth with Bag

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Once reserved for kings, the Kente Cloth remains a proud symbol of Ghana's Akan people. Toca has taken this brightly coloured material and wrapped it around the lightweight and durable synthetic shell of the Freestyle Djembe.

Toca's Freestyle II Djembes are the ideal travel companion. Their weather resistant synthetic shells are durable and lightweight. Because the all weather synthetic heads do not stretch or dry, they never lose their pitch. Freestyle II Djembes sound fantastic.

The shell and head combination produces high, crisp slaps and deep bass tones allowing a wide range of playing styles. A protective non-slip rubber bottom makes the Freestyle II perfect for outdoor drumming. Take your Toca Freestyle Djembe anywhere from beaches to deserts to mountain tops, don't let the weight of traditional djembes drag you down.


  • Kente Cloth design on wrap
  • Protective rubber bottom and tips on tuning lugs protect your floor's finish
  • Comes with a convenient tuning wrench
  • Comes with a matching Djembe Bag
  • Perfect for drum circles and kids of all ages





Brand Toca
Type Djembes & Doumbeks
Instrument Djembes (Mech Tuned)
Series Toca Freestyle Series
Composition Synthetic
Head Size 14"
Head Synthetic