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Toca Wooden Cajon in Burl Oak with Internal Wire Snares

Toca Wooden Cajon in Burl Oak with Internal Wire Snares

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The Toca Coloured Cajons are constructed from premium materials that form a perfect resonating chamber. High-frequency finger slaps and awesome bass tones project well. To enhance traditional staccato rhythms, dual adjustable snares are included, adjustable side knob on below four models .
A padded seat enhances player comfort without damping the resonance, while rubber feet raise the instrument up, suspending it for maximum resonance and protecting delicate floors

Larger than standard Cajons.
Heavy-duty rubber feet.
Crisp slaps and improved bass tone.
Perfect for World and Flamenco Music and unplugged situations.
Knurled knob allows you to adjust the snare wires for your desired sound. Internal wire snares.
Front plate can be adjusted for sound preference.
High gloss finish.
Padded seat.
12½" W, 20½" H, 13" D.

Toca is committed to being green and environmentally-friendly. The wood we use is harvested from a plantation in Thailand, where our drums are then lathed and handcrafted by local musicians. This carefully managed resource is much easier on the environment than wood taken from primary forests.


Brand Toca
Type Cajons
Instrument Cajons