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Maxx Music Teachers recording - Roam (B52's)

The teachers at Maxx Music recently recorded a song at our Castle Hill studio. It was a 100% in house production using equipment that can be purchased from Maxx Music.
Here is a run down of what was used and how it all came together.

We used the Steinberg UR44 interface, the internal DSP (digital signal processing) was great for comfortable monitoring while tracking.

We used GarageBand to show what you can achieve within the limitations of basic software.

A midi track was used as a guide for the musicians to record their parts individually. Besides vocals none of the musicians were in the studio at the same time.

James' drumming was recorded using a Roland TD1DMK as a midi trigger, the drums sounds were a basic software kit.

Joe's Bass was recorded direct into the system via the Steinberg UR44 interface while listening to James' drums and remaining midi tracks. Software amp simulation was used after tracking.

Vocals were next in line with Emma and Serena recording through the Rode NT1000 microphone directly into the Steinberg UR44. The DSP was particularly useful while tracking the vocals with zero latency and and the ability to add a splash of reverb for monitoring. *secret* The girls tracked individually and mimed together for the video don't tell anyone.

Funky's Guitars were played directly into the Steinberg UR44 interface using onboard DSP for an amp tone for monitoring. The guitar was recorded dry and all effects and amp simulation added after tracking.

Hand claps and keys were tapped and played in with a midi controller triggering internal software sounds.

We used Yamaha HS5 monitors for monitoring and mixing.

If you have any enquiries about the processes we used, checking out our set up or are interested in setting up your own studio feel free to give us a call on (02) 9894 0000 or email: