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Epiphone Guitars

Epiphone is a popular guitar brand with over 100 years of history. The company was founded by Anastasios Stasopoulos in his 1873 and was initially known as the House of Stasopoulos. In 1928, the company changed its name to Epiphone, after Anastasios' son, Epaminondas (known as Epi).

Epiphone guitar founder Anastasios Stathopoulos(Anastasios Stathopoulos)

Epiphone guitars are known for their quality construction and affordable prices, making them popular with both beginner and intermediate guitarists. In particular, the company's line of electric guitars has earned a reputation as being the best in the industry. One of the distinguishing features of Epiphone guitars is the use of high quality tonewoods in their construction. The company uses a variety of woods such as mahogany, maple and rosewood to create guitars that produce warm and balanced tones. This attention to detail is evident in both the company's acoustic and electric guitars, making them great choices for players of all skill levels.

In 1957 the Epiphone was acquired by Gibson guitars, the Queens NY manufacturing operation was relocated to Kalamazoo Michigan. By the mid 80s Epiphones manufacturing had moved to Asia with an occasional model still being manufactured in the USA.

epiphone electric guitars

One of Epiphone's most popular guitar models is the Les Paul. This electric guitar has been around since his 1950s and has been an iconic instrument in the music industry ever since. Epiphone's Les Paul models are known for their comfortable, slim design, which, combined with high-quality electronics, produces a rich, full sound.

In addition to the Les Paul, Epiphone also makes a wide range of electric guitar models such as his SG, ES-335 and Casino. Each of these models has its own unique sound and design, perfect for a variety of playing styles.

Epiphone also makes a variety of acoustic guitars, including dreadnought, jumbo, and small saloon style guitars. Crafted from quality tonewoods, these guitars are known for their balanced tone and excellent projection. One of the great things about Epiphone guitars is that they are often much cheaper than Gibson guitars. This is a great choice for guitarists who want a quality instrument but don't want to break the bank.

Overall, Epiphone guitars are excellent choices for guitarists of all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner just starting out or a seasoned pro looking for a quality instrument, he's sure to find an Epiphone guitar for your needs. With their attention to detail, quality tonewoods, and affordability, it's no wonder Epiphone guitars have become staples in the music industry.