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One of the most iconic and highly sought after Boss pedal is the Heavy Metal or HM-2.

The Boss HM-2 was first released in 1983. Originally manufactured in Japan, 1988 production moved to Taiwan and in 1991 the HM-2 was discontinued. The HM-2 was an hi-gain distortion effect, originally designed to emulate an extremely driven Marshall stack tone. It offered a 20dB cut/boost with a sensitive “color mix” giving the pedal unique high gain tones.

It's most commonly known for being a major part of the Swedish Death Metal sound, with bands like Entombed using the HM-2 for its “chainsaw” sound. The 80’s & 90s saw the HM-2 being a big influence in the Metal scene, mostly from its popularity in the Swedish Death Metal sound. With the tones often referred by as “chainsaw” “Swedish chainsaw” and “Buzzsaw” you can see why the HM-2 became an iconic part of the metal sound.


Following the success of the HM-2, Boss release the still current, Boss Metal Zone MT-2 and a 2 years the Boss Hyper Metal HM-3.

In 2020 the Boss Corporation president Yoshi Ikegami announced that the Boss Heavy Metal HM-2 will be released in their Boss Waza Craft series.


Last week we finally got the good news and the Boss Heavy Metal HM-2W is expected to arrive in Australia in August 2021. Here’s your chance to own an iconic pedal remastered.

Useless information: Boss pedal stock images are typically taken with knobs at 12 o'clock. Have a look at the HM-2W images and you'll notice something else happening.